Act on Specified Commercial Transactions 對特定交易法





地址:1-2-5 2F ALIVE美竹,澀谷,Shibuyaku,東京,日本











信用卡VISA·萬事達(Master)·JCB·美國運通(American Express)










Merchant: TOKYO BASE  Co., Ltd.

President Director: Masahito Tani

Address: 1-2-5 2F ALIVE MITAKE,Shibuya,Shibuyaku,Tokyo,Japan

Selling Prices

STUDIOUS sells Products according to the prices displayed on its website. However, due to changing conditions, prices may change. If there is a difference between the current price and the price displayed at the time of the Order Confirmation, then the price shown at the time of the Order Confirmation will be applied.

Accepted Payment Methods

Credit Card (VISA・Master・JCB・American Express)


Payment Date

After shipping of the Products and the request is made to the credit card company, the entire amount will be deducted on the date set by the credit card company.