Soft Lamb Single Riders Jacket- Made in Japan




SIZE Shoulder Width Length Sleeve
1 40 46 59 59
2 42 48 61 61
3 44 50 63 63

Model wear size 185 cm size 3
Made in Japan
Material: Sheep leather

"Single leather pursuing luxury in simple"

Generally referred to as "single" design, which has become a single alignment. It features a simple silhouette that is not decorated generally, attracting the high versatility that suits any fashion. An item whose quality or silhouette of the leather determines the goodness or the inferiority of the product to an extremely low item to play only.

As a commitment to the silhouette as a whole finished in a somewhat rounded form, while neutralizing the hard image moderately moderately, the sense of size also keeps a stylish impression when wearing by finishing tight.
A sophisticated expression that scratches off the design as much as possible, you can enjoy the coordination without choosing the item to be matched.

To highlight the original goodness of the leather, the material is dyed from the tannery of the raw skin and finished up using a fine lamb leather finished natural with a domestic tanner.
We are finished with reasonable flesh so you can use it for a long season.
Supple and soft, glossy feeling of luxury creates a luxurious feeling, you can feel the overwhelming quality of the quality.
It is one wear which does not exist elsewhere which realized with the high quality which was sticking out and restrained the cost to the limit.










顏色 BLK

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ACCESSORIES HKD港幣108圓/TWD新臺幣438圓/CNY人民幣92元 USD $20
GOODS/TOPS 1件 HKD港幣108圓/TWD新臺幣438圓/CNY人民幣92元 USD $20
GOODS/TOPS 2件 HKD港幣161圓/TWD新臺幣658圓/CNY人民幣138元 USD $29
PANTS     1件 HKD港幣161圓/TWD新臺幣658圓/CNY人民幣138元 USD $29
JACKET/OUTER HKD港幣292圓/TWD新臺幣1187圓/CNY人民幣249元 USD $51
BAG HKD港幣161圓/TWD新臺幣656圓/CNY人民幣138元 USD $29
SNEAKER HKD港幣230圓/TWD新臺幣938圓/CNY人民幣197元 USD $41
BOOTS HKD港幣252圓/TWD新臺幣1031圓/CNY人民幣217元 USD $45


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